Those involved in the running of a business, organization, or performance – often requiring knowledge of management, marketing or finance


An ACCOUNTANT for the theatre industry helps management maintain proper accounting records, periodically compiles and occasionally audits, financial statements, and prepares tax returns for the partnerships.
Advertising Account Manager
An ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGER often serves as the link between a client and an agency team, representing the client/show's wishes to the internal departments at the agency, and representing the agency's capabilities to the client/show. On Broadway, this typically manifests when an ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGER from one advertising agency is responsible for representing a production, venue, or show. This job entails making sure the advertisements remain faithful to the client’s vision and are produced and displayed in a timely manner and under budget.
Artistic Director
An ARTISTIC DIRECTOR is an executive of a theatre organization who is responsible for the overarching artistic vision of the organization.


Booking Agent
A BOOKING AGENT is hired by a show's PRODUCER to book a tour of a show to play in theatres across the country. A BOOKING AGENT sells the show to multiple venues and creates a route from one venue to another. In addition, they are responsible for negotiating the financial deals and details (performance schedules, ticket sales, etc.) between the show and the presenter/venues.


Casting Director
A CASTING DIRECTOR coordinates and runs the process by which the director and other key members of the creative team audition actors and assign roles.
Company Manager
A COMPANY MANAGER takes care of the logistical needs of a production or company, such as managing and delivering payroll to the cast and crew, being the policy enforcer, and serving as the primary point of contact between the company (which includes the cast, creative, and administrative teams) and the GENERAL MANAGER.


Development Director
A DEVELOPMENT Director is traditionally in charge of the fundraising, grant writing, and anything donor or sponsorship related, and also oversees the department.
Digital Marketing Manager
A DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER in theatre typically is in charge of all online marketing from video-creation, social media campaigns, digital advertisements, and sometimes even social media handles. They work in a company’s marketing department and stay on top of social trends, digital analytics, and help promote ticket sales, a show or client’s social presence, or awareness of upcoming events.
Disability Inclusion Consultant


Education Director
An EDUCATION DIRECTOR is typically found in a not-for-profit or regional theatre organization. EDUCATION DIRECTORS are charged with developing and executing programming for community partners, such as students, young professionals, those in prison, or families, that is usually connected to the shows currently playing at their venue as well as overseeing the Education Department. This programming can manifest in a variety of ways, including in school partnerships, internship programs, shadowing programs, events with a talkback for a specific demographic, etc. Sometimes the Education department can be a part of, encompass, or work with the theatre organization’s Community Outreach, Audience Engagement, or Marketing sector/department.
Entertainment Attorney/Lawyer
An ENTERTAINMENT ATTORNEY is a lawyer who specializes in representing productions, venues, and people (such as ACTORS, PRODUCERS, and MUSICIANS) and advising them when interpreting and negotiating contracts.


Facilities & Operations Professional
A FACILITIES & OPERATIONS PROFESSIONAL works on the day-to-day operations of a Broadway theatre.


General Manager
A GENERAL MANAGER, also referred to as a GM, is hired to help strategize and plan the details of a production to make sure cost and schedules are kept in line and supports the PRODUCER’S vision. GMs supervise the show’s financial planning; oversee administrative operations, employee management/human resources, and labor relations; and negotiate contracts. There are GENERAL MANAGERS specifically for productions as well as GENERAL MANAGERS for venues.
Graphic Designer
A GRAPHIC DESIGNER helps to create the visual identity of a show, working within an agency or in a freelance capacity.
Group Sales Manager
A GROUP SALES MANAGER is in charge of maintaining, creating, and fostering relationships with prospective and current clients, developing partnerships with outside vendors and neighborhood partners, and most importantly, managing and processing orders from large group reservations. GROUP SALES MANAGERS typically work in the box office, with an emphasis on coordinating and selling large orders of tickets in order to increase group sales revenue.


Licensing Agents
A LICENSING AGENT is someone who handles the requests for the legal use of copyrighted material including songs, scripts, branding, etc.


Marketing Director
The MARKETING DIRECTOR is in charge of the promotion and representation of the production, public image, and branding of the theatre organization or show.
Music Contractor
The MUSIC CONTRACTOR, sometimes referred to as the musical coordinator, is responsible for finding the musicians for a musical or play.
Music Copyist
A MUSIC COPYIST edits, organizes, and distributes the finished score from the ORCHESTRATOR to the cast, orchestra, creative team, and production team.


A PRESENTER is a person (or a presenting organization) that offers performances of theatrical and artistic events such as Broadway Touring Productions, concerts, dance, and comedy specials.
Press Agent
The PRESS AGENT is a professional publicist who represents, acts on behalf of, and navigates clients, venues, shows, performers, etc. on all matters public relations.
A PRODUCER is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a show — uniting the creative team, raising the financial investment, and guiding the show every step of the way.
Production Manager
The PRODUCTION MANAGER, sometimes called the PM, is in charge of everyone who is a part of the production team – costumes, sets, lighting, sound, props, etc.
Promotions Coordinator
A PROMOTIONS COORDINATOR is focused on making connections and building relationships with platforms, people and organizations to maximize a show’s reach beyond paid media.


Social Media Coordinator
The primary role of the SOCIAL MEDIA COORDINATOR is to create a presence and build a community around a show in the digital world.


Talent Manager
A TALENT MANAGER is in charge of helping actors, directors, playwrights, and musicians organize and advance their careers.
Talent/Literary Agent
TALENT/LITERARY AGENTS are responsible for booking or finding jobs for actors, choreographers, directors, musicians, and other performers.
Theatre Journalist
A THEATRE JOURNALIST is someone who writes or reports on newsworthy topics in the theatre industry and its related fields.
Theatre Owner
A THEATRE OWNER operates and manages the actual theatre buildings.