Digital Marketing Manager

What does a Digital Marketing Manager do?

A DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER in theatre typically is in charge of all online marketing from video-creation, social media campaigns, digital advertisements, and sometimes even social media handles. They work in a company’s marketing department and stay on top of social trends, digital analytics, and help promote ticket sales, a show or client’s social presence, or awareness of upcoming events. A DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER may be responsible for both content creation for social channels, monitoring or listening to those social channels, as well as community engagement or responding to comments on social.


Expertise on various social media platforms and editing software | Understanding social trends and analytics | Strong written and verbal skills | Graphic Design | Proofreading


Degree in marketing, media, and/or advertising | Internships

How to become a Digital Marketing Manager

Today, many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in marketing, advertising, graphic design, and communication. Those with an interest in working on Broadway in digital marketing can work for the venue or production itself or work for an outside company that is outsourced by the venue. Internships are great opportunities to get hands-on experience in digital marketing, as well as courses that can strengthen one’s skill set.

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