General Manager

What does a General Manager do?

What does a General Manager do?

A GENERAL MANAGER, also referred to as a GM, is hired to help strategize and plan the details of a production to make sure cost and schedules are kept in line and supports the PRODUCER’S vision. GMs supervise the show’s financial planning; oversee administrative operations, employee management/human resources, and labor relations; and negotiate contracts. There are GENERAL MANAGERS specifically for productions as well as GENERAL MANAGERS for venues.


Excel | Accounting | Contracts | Communications | Organization | Problem-Solving | Strategic Thinking | Project Management | Flexibility | Leadership | Detail-Oriented | Human Resources | Labor Relations


Assistant General Manager | Company Manager | Finance | Management | Box Office | Internships | Fellowships

How to become a General Manager

How to become a General Manager

General managers usually gain their experience in higher education through taking finance classes, technical design, theatrical management, or arts administration. Some companies offer specific fellowships, mentor programs, apprenticeships, or shadowing programs for young theatre professionals looking to become general managers. The skills of a GM are specific to the organization or production where they end up working; therefore, it is rare to find a general management program at a university or college.

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