Group Sales Manager

What does a Group Sales Manager do?

A GROUP SALES MANAGER is in charge of maintaining, creating, and fostering relationships with prospective and current clients, developing partnerships with outside vendors and neighborhood partners, and most importantly, managing and processing orders from large group reservations. They may also deal with marketing and report to the MARKETING DIRECTOR. GROUP SALES MANAGERS typically work in the box office, with an emphasis on coordinating and selling large orders of tickets in order to increase group sales revenue.


Multi-tasking | Excellent customer service | Strong written and verbal communication skills | Organization


Ticket Seller | Usher | Marketing | Degree in theatre administration and/or customer service

How to become a Group Sales Manager

Group sales managers typically begin working in the box office or office of theatres. Once in a theatre, there may be a chance to eventually work one’s way up to Manager. They can work full-time or part-time, as hours depend on the role in the theatre. They can also be salaried or work on commission. Those just starting out may want to volunteer at their local/regional theaters as ticket sellers or on-call front of house team members.

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