Advertising Account Manager

What does an Advertising Account Manager do?

What does an Advertising Account Manager do?

An ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGER often serves as the link between a client and an agency team, representing the client/show’s wishes to the internal departments at the agency, and representing the agency’s capabilities to the client/show. On Broadway, this typically manifests when an ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGER from one advertising agency is responsible for representing a production, venue, or show. This job entails making sure the advertisements remain faithful to the client’s vision and are produced and displayed in a timely manner and under budget. ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGERS typically create “briefs” or portfolios that provide options along with an outlined budget for each project. The goal is to raise awareness, gain interest, or strengthen the brand of the product or show. ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGERS usually work on more than one show simultaneously.


Clear communication | Budgeting | Negotiating | Analytics | Strong written and verbal communication skills | Attention to detail | Good understanding of what a client wants and how to translate it through advertising


Degree in advertising, marketing, art and design, business, graphic design, management, and/or media | Internships

How to become an Advertising Account Manager

How to become an Advertising Account Manager

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in marketing, business, and design, as well as opportunities to practice skills necessary for the job through marketing events, shows, or programs. Advertising Account Managers often begin in associate level positions in press agencies or marketing departments. Those starting out may want to strengthen their skills by taking online or in person courses focusing on design, pitching ideas, and analytics. Internships are also a great way to get a better understanding of working in an agency.

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