What does a Presenter do?

What does a Presenter do?

A PRESENTER is a person (or a presenting organization) that offers performances of theatrical and artistic events such as Broadway Touring Productions, concerts, dance, and comedy specials. A PRESENTER may represent a specific venue or host a series of related events that take place at a venue(s). Most performing arts centers around the country are presenting organizations (PRESENTERS) that select and curate shows and events for their subscribers/audience members to attend. Some performing arts centers or theatres outsource the control of some or all of their programming to an outside PRESENTER. The PRESENTER has decision-making authority as to what shows/performances will be offered and financial control/responsibility for the engagement(s).


Finance | Budgeting | Business | Negotiating | Community Building | Following Market Trends | Marketing


Theatre Administration | Degree in producing, theatre, business and/or management | Finance | Internships

How to become a Presenter

How to become a Presenter

A person interested in becoming a Presenter, or working at a Presenting Organization, typically starts off in the theatre world in an administrative capacity and hones their skills through higher education and hands-on experience such as internships, fellowships, and assisting at performing arts centers or local businesses. It is important to learn all aspects of the business side of theatre, including marketing, development, production, and operations. Finding a mentor in a company where a person would like to work is also ideal.

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