Press Agent

What does a Press Agent do?

What does a Press Agent do?

The PRESS AGENT is a professional publicist who represents, acts on behalf of, and navigates clients, venues, shows, performers, etc. on all matters public relations. PRESS AGENTS deal directly with the media when news affects their clientele. They also coordinate interviews and events, press releases, media and press nights, and social media outreach.

There are also press related positions specific to touring productions. A Tour Press Representative serves as the liaison between the show and the local presenter, representing the show’s needs to all departments at the touring venue.  The press rep is responsible for creating the communication strategy and plan for the tour; organizing and building the show program (Playbill); providing media training to the actors; scheduling all local interviews, social media takeovers, community engagement activity, education initiatives, and more.   The Tour Press Representative and the TOUR MARKETING DIRECTOR work closely together to ensure that all points of communication with consumers and the press are aligned.   This role falls under the union jurisdiction of ATPAM (Association of Theatrical Press Agents and Managers).


News writing | Creative writing | Communication law | Advertising | Marketing | Publicity | Proof reading | Events


Degree in journalism, public relations, entertainment business, and/or theatrical management | Internships

How to become a Press Agent

How to become a Press Agent

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in journalism, communications, and/or public relations. Press agents for Broadway shows, professionals, or firms often have a strong background in such concentrations, as well as marketing. Those looking to be a press agent in theatre should look for internships and assistant positions in public relation firms and marketing companies.

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