What does a Producer do?

What does a Producer do?

A PRODUCER is the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a show — uniting the creative team, raising the financial investment, finding the theatre, and guiding the show every step of the way; whether they are a CREATIVE PRODUCER or a PRODUCER that focuses on finding investors. No show on Broadway happens without PRODUCERS because they are the people who say yes to the concept of the show, help commission theatre-makers’ ideas, and gather the support (financial and staff-wise) to put a show on its feet. They are the ones that raise the necessary funds, either through seeking out investors and/or being an investor, to keep a show running.


Finance | Marketing | Collaboration | Creativity | Understanding Investment Management | Administration-based skills | Industry and Customer Relations | Clear communication | Time Management


Associate Producer | Finance | Theatre Administration | Degree in producing, theatre business, and/or management | Internships

How to become a Producer

How to become a Producer

Though many universities have producing majors, concentrations, or minors, few rarely focus on being a producer for stage only. Broadway producers typically start off in the theatre world and hone their skills through higher education and hands-on-experience like internships, fellowships, assisting, and working on peer productions. Hopeful producers can also learn from any producer or producing company in the entertainment industry. Many Broadway Producers start as Associate Producers or Co-Producers.

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