Production Manager

What does a Production Manager do?

What does a Production Manager do?

The PRODUCTION MANAGER, sometimes called the PM, is in charge of everyone who is a part of the production team – costumes, sets, lighting, sound, props, etc. They tend to serve as the bridge between the administrative/artistic teams and the production staff. Duties and even job titles can vary depending on the show, organization, or company. PMs traditionally deal with scheduling rentals, buildings, load-ins and load-outs, and supervising theatre use and the physical execution and implementation of the directors and designers’ visions. They also oversee the production budget.


Leadership | Organization | Knowledge of Technical Equipment and Troubleshooting | Engineering | Budgeting | Multi-tasking | Calm under extreme time pressure | Knowledge of Emergency Procedures


Stage Management | Stagehand | Technician | Assistant to the TD, PM, or SM | Experience in a variety of production departments | Degree in production and/or theatre management

How to become a Production Manager

Like the TD, production managers have a foundation in the various aspects of technical theatre. As there are concentrations for theatre management and for technical theatre, hopeful PMs would benefit from taking courses involving both worlds. Production Managers can also learn the trade by assisting, working with, and volunteering for Production Managers or on crews.

Union/Professional Organization Affiliations
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