Projection Designer

What does a Projection Designer do?

What does a Projection Designer do?

The PROJECTION DESIGNER creates all projections shown on stage, including still photos and filmed footage. The PROJECTION DESIGNERS work with other scenic design elements to create the setting for a production story to unfold.


Graphic Design | Tech-savvy | Ability and knowledge of different software


Degree in design and/or graphic design | Apprenticeships | Mentorships | Workshops | Assisting

How to become a Projection Designer

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in theatrical design and graphic design; however, few programs allow students to focus on projection design. Broadway projection designers often begin as production crew or assistant designers, transitioning to the role as they gain experience working with the technology. Those just starting out may want to explore available classes, workshops, tutorials, and volunteer opportunities available in their region for training and experience in set design.

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