Music Contractor

What does a Music Contractor do

What does a Music Contractor do?

The MUSIC CONTRACTOR, sometimes referred to as the musical coordinator, is responsible for finding the musicians for a musical or play. MUSIC CONTRACTORS work with the CONDUCTOR, MUSIC DIRECTOR, and GENERAL MANAGER of a specific production, as well as the union, to guarantee that the appropriate musicians are found to match the genre of the project. They also ensure that the musicians’ working conditions and payment meet the qualifications and requirements of the contract.


Strategic Thinking | Problem Solving | Contracts | Organization | Networking | Attention to Detail | Flexibility


Musician Background | Degree in Contract Law | Apprenticeships

How to become a Music Contractor

How to become a Music Contractor

Due to the specificity and competitiveness of the job, many colleges and universities do not offer majors in music contracting. Becoming a successful music contractor is done through networking and making connections. Music contractors generally start out as musicians themselves and graduate to the position through years of working with fellow musicians, managers, and other music contractors.

Union/Professional Organization Affiliations
The Session Panel’s JOHN MILLER - Bassist, Musical Coordinator (Mozart in the Jungle, The Producers)