Movement Coach

What does a Movement Coach do?

What Does a Movement Coach Do?

A MOVEMENT COACH works with performers, dancers and actors to enhance storytelling through physicality and dance. Different from a CHOREOGRAPHER or DIRECTOR, a MOVEMENT COACH builds upon the already established blocking, choreography and text. A MOVEMENT COACH may also teach classes based in techniques such as The Alexander Technique, The Suzuki Method, Viewpoint Techniques and many more.


Degree and/or training in Acting and/or Dance | Apprenticeships | Assisting


Movement Training | Knowledge of Anatomy | Attention to Detail | Direction| Clear and strong verbal communication Interpersonal Skills | Patience

How to Become a Movement Coach

How to Become a Movement Coach

Many Colleges, Universities and Theatre companies offer courses in various movement techniques and trainings. Those hoping to be a Movement Coach should take advantage of workshops and classes to gain experience and knowledge in the field and look to assist educators with their own courses.

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