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What does a Marketing Director/Coordinator do?

What does a Marketing Director/Coordinator do?

The MARKETING DIRECTOR is in charge of the promotion and representation of the production, public image, and branding of the theatre organization or show. MARKETING DIRECTORS can work in-house, meaning they are salaried and a part of the company/show they are working on, or part of an outside organization that is brought on, or outsourced, to help. The MARKETING DIRECTOR oversees the marketing staff including, but not limited to the MARKETING MANAGER, COORDINATOR, ASSOCIATES, and/or interns. They may also oversee agency positions including ADVERTISING ACCOUNT MANAGER, DIGITAL MARKETING MANAGER, media planner, project manager, and GRAPHIC DESIGNER. The marketing director’s role is to promote the sale of tickets. To do so, they manage all aspects of the theatre’s publicity and advertising material which includes the show’s website and social channels; TV, digital, and radio ads; fliers, posters, and other printed materials; promotion of press features, events, and more. They oversee the branding content, design, production, and distribution of this material. Sometimes, in smaller theatres, this role includes press and public relations. Outside of New York this position may also include marketing for events and programs other than theatre such as opera, symphony, dance, and concerts.

There are also marketing related positions specific to touring productions. The Tour Marketing Director is the Brand Manager making sure all materials remain aligned to the show’s vision and overall marketing strategy by creating and maintaining the marketing assets and plan. The Marketing Director is the liaison between the producer, the show’s advertising and digital agencies, and the presenting venue staff. The Marketing Director, in conjunction with the booking agent and ticketing team, reviews/approves price and performance schedules; any/all subscription, groups, advertising and promotional efforts including approval of all marketing materials, budgets, advertising plans and ticket sales efforts.  The Marketing Director and Press Rep work closely together to ensure that all points of communication with consumers and the press are aligned.



Experience in marketing, advertising, brand management, analytics, or sales | Social Channel Management | Public Relations | Organization | Clear communication | Knowledge of graphic design software | Proofreading/Writing copy


Degree in marketing and/or business administration | Marketing Manager | Associate | Internships

How to become a Marketing Director/Coordinator

How to become a Marketing Director/Coordinator

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in marketing, communication, public relations, advertising, and journalism. These degrees often translate into careers in conjunction with internships and freelance experience. Those just starting out may want to explore available classes online or in person, workshops, and opportunities available in their region that give them hands on experience working in a marketing department.

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