Make-Up Artist

What does a Makeup Artist do?

What does a Makeup Artist do?

The MAKE-UP ARTIST transforms the actors into their characters through the use of make-up, along with hair and styling. MAKE-UP ARTISTS develop a look and style for each character that helps convey the story. Their responsibilities can also overlap with those of a COSTUME DESIGNER, as MAKE-UP ARTISTS can be in charge of hair, wigs, and face paint.


Attention to detail | Ability to use and apply makeup | Research | Special effects makeup | Resourceful


Classes in make-up and hair | Degree or certificate in design or fashion | Assisting | Freelance work | Cosmetology

How to become a Makeup Artist

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in design, as well as opportunities working on student-led or official school productions. Broadway make-up artists often start out with a strong interest and passion for make-up, transitioning this interest into a career. Those just starting out may want to explore available classes, workshops, tutorials, and volunteer or assistant opportunities available in their region for training and experience.

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