Talent/Literary Agent

What does a Talent/Literary Agent do?

What does a Talent/Literary Agent do?

TALENT/LITERARY AGENTS are responsible for booking or finding jobs for actors, choreographers, directors, musicians, and other performers. They help with negotiating on behalf of their client and typically get 10% of their client’s salary per show. They tend to work in talent agencies, which range in sizes and specialties of clients. It is important to be up to date with industry trends, understand the business, and know the other professionals in the industry. LITERARY AGENTS have similar responsibilities as TALENT AGENTS, but predominantly deal with writers, books, and written work. LITERARY AGENTS help find editors who might want to buy their client’s book, while TALENT AGENTS help actors find or get auditions.


Perseverance | Being able to maintain and manage multiple clients at a time | Knowing who is who of the industry | Ability to negotiate contracts | Marketing


Degree in theatre business, theatre management, publishing, and/or public relations | Interning or working at various agencies

How to become a Talent/Literary Agent

Since talent agents have a unique responsibility in agencies, they typically start out somewhere in the programming or business side of theatre. Literary agents can also start their careers in literary offices or departments in theatre organizations. Those hoping to start out should look for internship or entry-level positions in talent or literary agencies that specialize in theatre.

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