What does an Accountant do?

What does an Accountant do?

Like any business, theatres need ACCOUNTANTS to make sure that money is accounted for, people get paid, and audits happen correctly and when necessary. An ACCOUNTANT for the theatre industry helps management maintain proper accounting records, periodically compiles and occasionally audits, financial statements, and prepares tax returns for the partnerships. Producers and investors rely on these financial statements which include receipts and expenses to determine the possible financial success of their show. Theatrical ACCOUNTANTS also consult with management on agreements, shows traveling internationally, and proper payment structures.

**Note: Accountants are different from the role of Box Office Treasurer as accountants oversee money for an entire organization/show and box office treasurers are in charge of a theatre’s box office transactions.


Ability to prepare and examine financial records | Knowledge of current tax laws and accounting systems | Auditing | Detail-Oriented | Strong math background


Associate, Bachelor’s, and/or Master’s in business administration and/or accounting | CPA certification | Internships

How to become an Accountant

How to become an Accountant

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in business administration, as well as connections to alumni working in accounting firms. Those interested in doing accounting in theatre or on Broadway can explore opportunities in theatre companies in their region for day-to-day, hands on experience. One can intern in a finance department of an organization or start at an associate level to begin their career.

Union/Professional Organization Affiliations
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