Company Manager

What does a Company Manager do?

What does a Company Manager do?

A COMPANY MANAGER, usually abbreviated as CM, works closely with all staff. They are typically hired by the GENERAL MANAGER and could be brought on for a specific show or salaried for a theatre organization. They are the ones who take care of the logistical needs of a production or company, such as managing and delivering payroll to the cast and crew, being the policy enforcer, and serving as the primary point of contact between the company (which includes the cast, creative, and administrative teams) and the GENERAL MANAGER. A COMPANY MANAGER also serves the function of hospitality and travel coordinator, particularly for touring companies. Additionally they interact personally with each of the company members on a daily basis to ensure any day to day needs are being addressed.


Detail-Oriented | Ability to work well under pressure | Ability to be flexible and deal with all types of people | Understanding of Accounting and Finances | Multi-tasking | Knowledge of local and federal labor laws | Strong written and verbal communication skills | Thoroughness


Degree in arts administration and/or business | Assistant to the Company Manager or General Manager | Production Management | House Management | Stage Management

How to become a Company Manager

How to become a Company Manager

As it is rare to find a college with a Company Management program, most company managers working on Broadway go through extensive theatre training, sometimes with an academic background in business administration. While most positions require a Bachelor’s degree, many companies prefer candidates with backstage or administrative theatre experience. CM’s are trained through practice, shadowing, mentoring, apprenticing, or assisting/being an associate to another Company Manager.

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