Backstage & Technical

Those involved in building, preparing or maintaining a production – responsible for ensuring that a production or theatre is running smoothly and safely


Animal Trainer
An ANIMAL TRAINER is a professional who trains and works with animals when a show needs an animal on stage.


The CARPENTER maintains theater stage equipment and may also serve as a production carpenter, building sets and moving all scenery on and off stage for the installation and run of a production.
Child Guardian
A CHILD GUARDIAN oversees the care, professional behavior and well-being of Broadway’s youngest stars - the children performing on stage who are under sixteen years of age. The guardians help create an atmosphere where children performers can be working professionals in a safe environment and still be kids off stage.
Company Manager
A COMPANY MANAGER takes care of the logistical needs of a production or company, such as managing and delivering payroll to the cast and crew, being the policy enforcer, and serving as the primary point of contact between the company (which includes the cast, creative, and administrative teams) and the GENERAL MANAGER.


Dialect Coach
A DIALECT COACH is someone who teaches the ACTORS a dialect when the production calls for it.


Electrician / Electrics
The ELECTRICIAN maintains a theatre’s electrical systems and often serves as production electrician operating all lights during a show, including traditional and automated lighting, spotlights, special lighting effects, and house lights. They work closely with the LIGHTING DESIGNER.


Flyman/Fly Operator
The FLYMAN, or FLY OPERATOR, directs and supervises the movements of the scenery between the fly floor and the stage during a show.


General Manager
A GENERAL MANAGER, also referred to as a GM, is hired to help strategize and plan the details of a production to make sure cost and schedules are kept in line and supports the PRODUCER’S vision. GMs supervise the show’s financial planning; oversee administrative operations, employee management/human resources, and labor relations; and negotiate contracts. There are GENERAL MANAGERS specifically for productions as well as GENERAL MANAGERS for venues.


Light Board Operator
The LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR is responsible for programming and running the light board for a production during technical rehearsals and performances.


Music Copyist
A MUSIC COPYIST edits, organizes, and distributes the finished score from the ORCHESTRATOR to the cast, orchestra, creative team, and production team.
Music Supervisor
The MUSIC SUPERVISOR oversees the entire music department for a production.
Musical Director
The MUSICAL DIRECTOR is in charge of all music-related aspects of a production.


Porters & Cleaners
The PORTERS & CLEANERS ensure that a theatre’s facilities are clean, organized, and safe for everyone using and visiting the venue.
Production Manager
The PRODUCTION MANAGER, sometimes called the PM, is in charge of everyone who is a part of the production team – costumes, sets, lighting, sound, props, etc.
Props Person / Props Master
The PROPS PERSON, also known as the PROPS MASTER, maintains certain aspects of the theatre facility and may also serve as the props person for a specific production. They research, fabricate, and find all necessary props, things that are picked up, used, or set, for a show.


Sound Mixer/Engineer
The SOUND MIXER develops or sources music and sound effects according to the SOUND DESIGNER’S specifications.
Sound Operator
The SOUND OPERATOR executes all sound during a show, including playback of music, special effects, and pre-recorded sound cues.
Stage Crew
The STAGE CREW is sometimes referred to as stagehands or run crew.
Stage Manager
The STAGE MANAGER, (frequently referred to as SM), works on a production from the start of rehearsals through the last performance and coordinates schedules and information for the creative team.
Stagedoor & Security
The STAGEDOOR & SECURITY personnel are responsible for protecting the theatre and ensuring that all audience members and those working inside the venue are safe.
Synthesizer Programmer
A synthesizer designs, programs, and maintains various electronic systems for producing live music such as electronic keyboards, electronic drums, and backing tracks triggered from the orchestra pit.


Teaching Artist
A TEACHING ARTIST is a professional artist who has a dual career in education.
Technical Supervisor/Technical Director/Technical Producer
The TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, also known as the TD or TP, is the most senior technical position you can have in the theatre.
Theatre Photographer
A THEATRE PHOTOGRAPHER captures the emotion, depth, story, and action of a show.


A VIDEOGRAPHER in the theatrical industry is someone who operates a camera to shoot promotional videos, commercials, and videos used in production for a Broadway show.
Vocal Coach
A VOCAL COACH assists performers in finding their own unique musical style and stage presence.


Wardrobe Crew
During performances WARDROBE CREW dress performers, assist with fast changes, keep track of costumes and accessories, and quickly fix costume pieces when necessary.