Child Guardian

What does a Child Guardian do?

A CHILD GUARDIAN oversees the care, professional behavior and well-being of Broadway’s youngest stars – the children performing on stage who are under sixteen years of age. The guardians help create an atmosphere where children performers can be working professionals in a safe environment and still be kids off stage.


Patience | Tutoring | Good with children | Knowledge of theatre | Detail-Oriented | Able to stay on schedule


Experience in child care | CPR and First Aid training

How to become a Child Guardian

The role of a child guardian is a specific one that can be attained through a variety of pathways. Those looking into being a child guardian on Broadway should have several years of experience working with, tutoring, and looking after children 16 and under. One could take classes in teaching, as well as making sure they are CPR and First Aid certified, on top of having a strong understanding of theatre.

American Theatre Wing’s “Child Wrangler”

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