Sound Mixer/Engineer

What does a Sound Mixer/Engineer do?

What does a Sound Mixer/Engineer do?

The SOUND MIXER develops or sources music and sound effects according to the SOUND DESIGNER’S specifications. The sound crew sets up the sound system for a production and runs it during the course of each performance. The SOUND MIXER/ENIGNEER takes all of the sounds in a show – ACTORS voices, environmental noise, sound effects, the orchestra – and balances them to create a rich and exciting sound for the audience to experience.


Attention to detail | Mastery of equipment and software | Ability to take direction


Degree in sound engineering and/or production | Assisting | Mentorship

How to become a Sound Mixer/Engineer

How to become a Sound Mixer/Engineer

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in production and design, however; sound mixing might be a difficult concentration to come by. Broadway sound mixers often begin as sound board operators or assistants themselves, transitioning to the mixer role as they gain experience working on different equipment, with different designers, and alongside other sound professionals. Those just starting out may want to explore available classes and volunteer opportunities available in their region for training and experience in sound.

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