Sound Designer

What does a Sound Designer do?

What does a Sound Designer do?

A SOUND DESIGNER designs the audio experience of a production by creating the sound design, including sound playback, sound effects, music, and amplification. SOUND DESIGNERS direct the sound crew, who is charged with implementing the vision for each live performance.


Engineering | Experience with equipment and different software | Collaboration | Mixing


Degree in production and/or design | Internships | Apprenticeships | Assisting | Stagehand

How to become a Sound Designer

How to become a Sound Designer

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in production and design, as well as opportunities working on official school or student-led productions. Broadway sound designers often begin as sound board operators or assistants themselves, transitioning to the designer role as they gain experience working on different equipment, with different directors, and alongside other sound professionals. Those just starting out may want to explore available classes and volunteer opportunities available in their region for training and experience in sound.

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