Sound Operator

What does a Sound Operator do?

What does a Sound Operator do?

The SOUND OPERATOR executes all sound during a show, including playback of music, special effects, and pre-recorded sound cues. They work closely with the SOUND DESIGNER, STAGE MANAGER, and MIXER.


Ability to take direction | Mastery over the equipment | Programming


Degree in sound design and/or production | Internships | Volunteer-based experiences | Assisting

How to become a Sound Operator

Many colleges and universities offer degrees in production and design, however; sound board operating might be a difficult concentration to come by. Broadway sound operators often begin as assistants themselves, transitioning to the operator role as they gain experience working on different equipment, with different designers, and alongside other sound professionals. Those just starting out may want to explore classes and volunteer opportunities available in their region for training and experience in sound.

CTG’s “Working in Theatre: Sound & Light Board Operators”