Stage Manager

What does a Stage Manager do?

What does a Stage Manager do?

The STAGE MANAGER (frequently referred to as SM), works on a production from the start of rehearsals through the last performance and coordinates schedules and information for the creative team. The SM assists the DIRECTOR during rehearsals, notates blocking, and is responsible for all backstage activity once the show opens. STAGE MANAGERS “call” the show – which can include coordinating deck cues with the LIGHTING OPERATORS, SOUND OPERATORS, CONDUCTORS, and ACTORS, while maintaining communication for all facets of the production during performances. Depending on the size and needs of a production, there may be various categories of stage management, such as PRODUCTION STAGE MANAGER, STAGE MANAGER, and ASSISTANT STAGE MANAGER.


Organization | Communication | Leadership | Problem-Solving | Attention to Detail | Multi-Tasking | Patience | Caretaking


Assistant Stage Management | Assistant Directing | Production Assistant | Fellowships | Apprenticeships | Volunteering | Internships | Degree in stage management, theatre management, and/or production

How to become a Stage Manager

How to become a Stage Manager

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in stage management, as well as opportunities stage managing student-led productions. Many theatres offer fellowships, apprenticeships, or professional training as stage managers, too. Broadway stage managers often begin as assistant stage managers and are hired anywhere from the start of casting to the last performance. Those just starting out may want to explore experiences working with student-directors or as assistant stage managers.

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