Stage Crew

What does a Stage Crew member do?

What does a Stage Crew member do?

The STAGE CREW is sometimes referred to as stagehands or run crew. Often, in a high school or college theatre setting, the STAGE CREW encompasses carpenters, electricians, props masters, and scenic designers. On Broadway members of the stage crew frequently have more specific responsibilities relating to the operation of the stage and its systems in the wings.


Organization | Communication | Problem-Solving | Attention to Detail | Multi-Tasking | Patience


Volunteering | Internships | Fellowships | Apprenticeships | Degree in design/production

How to become a Stage Crew member

How to become a Stage Crew member

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in stage production and design. Many theatres offer fellowships, apprenticeships, or professional training in the different areas of backstage and technical departments. Those just starting out may want to explore experiences working with student productions, school productions, or productions at a local/regional theatre.

Union/Professional Organization Affiliations


American Theatre Wing's "The Stagehands"