Animal Trainer

What does an Animal Trainer do?

What does an Animal Trainer do?

An ANIMAL TRAINER is a professional who trains and works with animals when a show needs an animal on stage. ANIMAL TRAINERS can be a part of agencies, work freelance, or be brought on specifically because their pet was cast in a production. They work with the DIRECTOR to determine what it is the animal is being asked to do, as well as the ACTORS so that the ACTORS know which cues to use and be familiarized with the animal.


Patience | Caring for animals | Ability to train animals | Collaboration |Grooming animals


Experience working with animals

How to become an Animal Trainer

How to become an Animal Trainer

Getting a degree in biology, animal behavior, or zoology is the first major step in becoming an animal trainer. Some colleges offer special programs, such as Moorpark College in California, that train students in animal training management. Aspiring trainers also complete internships in zoos, aquariums, or apprenticeships with accomplished animal trainers in the industry.

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