Technical Supervisor/Technical Director/Technical Producer

What does a Technical Supervisor/Director/Producer do?

What does a Technical Supervisor/Director/Producer do?

The TECHNICAL SUPERVISOR/DIRECTOR/PRODUCER, also known as the TD or TP, is the most senior technical position you can have in the theatre. They are in charge of overseeing the technicians and all technical aspects of a production, having extreme knowledge of the equipment and how to install, rig, troubleshoot, and program lighting, sound, and scenic devices used to set the stage. They work closely with the production designers and director in order to execute the production needs and vision.


Managing budget | Knowledge of scenic, sound, and lighting equipment and handling | Engineering | Mechanics | Multi-tasking | Knowledge of safety precautions


Stagehand | Degree in production and/or design | Assistant to the Technical Supervisor | Designer

How to become a Technical Supervisor/Director/Producer

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in production and design/technical theatre, as well as connections to alumni working on professional productions. Broadway TDs often begin in a specific discipline (i.e. lighting, sound, scenic, etc.), transitioning to understanding and mastering the broad scope of technical design in theatre. Those interested in multiple facets of the production side may want to explore and learn about the various departments that make a Broadway show happen technically.

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