Props Person / Props Master

What does a Props Person do?

What does a Props Person do?

The PROPS PERSON, also known as the PROPS MASTER, maintains certain aspects of the theatre facility and may also serve as the props person for a specific production. They research, fabricate, and find all necessary props, things that are picked up, used, or set, for a show.


Design | Fixing and crafting props | Attention to detail | Work within a budget | Mechanics | Creative use and outside of the box thinking | Communication | Organization | Being resourceful | Special effects | Styling | Upholstering | Problem-solving


Degree in production and design | Assisting | Crew

How to become a Props Person

Some colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in production and design, as well as opportunities for students to work on official university productions. A props person is usually brought on for an individual show and has a background in design and carpentry. They become head props master when they have gained enough experience to lead other props designers. Those just starting out may want to explore volunteer or assisting opportunities available in their region as STAGE CREW, scenic design, and props design.

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