The CARPENTER maintains theater stage equipment and may also serve as a production carpenter, building sets and moving all scenery on and off stage for the installation and run of a production.


Electrician / Electrics
The ELECTRICIAN maintains a theatre’s electrical systems and often serves as production electrician operating all lights during a show, including traditional and automated lighting, spotlights, special lighting effects, and house lights. They work closely with the LIGHTING DESIGNER.


Flyman/Fly Operator
The FLYMAN, or FLY OPERATOR, directs and supervises the movements of the scenery between the fly floor and the stage during a show.


Light Board Operator
The LIGHT BOARD OPERATOR is responsible for programming and running the light board for a production during technical rehearsals and performances.


Props Person / Props Master
The PROPS PERSON, also known as the PROPS MASTER, maintains certain aspects of the theatre facility and may also serve as the props person for a specific production. They research, fabricate, and find all necessary props, things that are picked up, used, or set, for a show.


Sound Mixer/Engineer
The SOUND MIXER develops or sources music and sound effects according to the SOUND DESIGNER’S specifications.
Sound Operator
The SOUND OPERATOR executes all sound during a show, including playback of music, special effects, and pre-recorded sound cues.
Stage Crew
The STAGE CREW is sometimes referred to as stagehands or run crew.


A VIDEOGRAPHER in the theatrical industry is someone who operates a camera to shoot promotional videos, commercials, and videos used in production for a Broadway show.


Wardrobe Crew
During performances WARDROBE CREW dress performers, assist with fast changes, keep track of costumes and accessories, and quickly fix costume pieces when necessary.