Costume Designer
The COSTUME DESIGNER transforms the actors into their characters through the use of clothing and helps situate a production in a specific time and place through the visual cues of clothing. They design, research, source, and construct the clothes for all the actors in a production. Their job responsibilities may also include those of a MAKE-UP ARTIST or WIG SPECIALIST.


Hair & Wig Designer
The HAIR & WIG DESIGNER transforms the ACTORS into their characters through the use of hair and wigs.


Lighting Designer
The LIGHTING DESIGNER creates the lighting concept and equipment requirements for a production. Lighting Designers work most closely with the DIRECTOR, SCENIC, COSTUME, and PROJECTION DESIGNERS to create a lighting scheme that communicates the feeling of a production and guides the audience’s attention in specific ways throughout a performance.


Make-Up Artist
The MAKE-UP ARTIST transforms the actors into their characters through the use of make-up, along with hair and styling. MAKE-UP ARTISTS develop a look and style for each character that helps convey the story. Their responsibilities can also overlap with those of a COSTUME DESIGNER, as MAKE-UP ARTISTS can be in charge of hair, wigs, and face paint.


Projection Designer
The PROJECTION DESIGNER creates all projections shown on stage, including still photos and filmed footage.


Scenic Designer
The SCENIC DESIGNER creates the set design for a production, including backdrops, set pieces, and, in some cases, even the shape of the stage.
Sound Designer
A SOUND DESIGNER designs the audio experience of a production by creating the sound design, including sound playback, sound effects, music, and amplification.
Special Effects Designer
The SPECIAL EFFECTS DESIGNER creates the illusions that help to immerse the audience into the world of the production.


Theatre Photographer
A THEATRE PHOTOGRAPHER captures the emotion, depth, story, and action of a show.


Video Designer
The VIDEO DESIGNER creates and oversees any filmed footage, projections, or motion graphics that are used in a production.