Costume Designer

What does a Costume Designer do?

What does a Costume Designer do?

The COSTUME DESIGNER transforms the actors into their characters through the use of clothing and helps situate a production in a specific time and place through the visual cues of clothing. They design, research, source, and construct the clothes for all the actors in a production. Their job responsibilities may also include those of a MAKE-UP ARTIST or WIG SPECIALIST.


Sewing | Sketching | Drawing | Attention to detail


Degree in design, production, and/or fashion | Internship | Wardrobe Assistant

How to become a Costume Designer

How to become a Costume Designer

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in production and design, as well as opportunities to work on school or student-led productions. Broadway costume designers can also attend schools that focus on the creation and study of fashion and garment-making. Those just starting out may want to explore available classes, workshops, amateur productions, and volunteer opportunities available in their region for training and experience as costume designers and sewers.

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