What does a Conductor do?

What does a Conductor do?

A CONDUCTOR works with the MUSICIANS, ACTORS, and sometimes the COMPOSER and LYRICIST during a performance. CONDUCTORS drive the music of a production by maintaining the MUSIC DIRECTOR’s vision, leading the pacing of the music, and even teaching the music to new performers and musicians. They typically use a baton, or a metal stick, while conducting and do so from the pit (which can usually be found under the stage) so that ACTORS and MUSICIANS can see them. CONDUCTORS can be playing an instrument while conducting, and even be the MUSICAL DIRECTOR of the production. They are responsible for allowing the music to convey the feeling and storyline that was intended from the first production throughout the run.


Strong Leadership | Understanding and Expertise of Music Language | Knowledge and Experience with Instruments | Clear verbal communication | Conducting | Collaboration


Degree in conducting or music theory | Assisting | Associate-level positions | Musician | Music Directing | Workshops in Conducting

How to become a Conductor

How to become a Conductor

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in conducting and music theory, as well as opportunities to be a part of an orchestra, sit in on rehearsals, and possibly even conduct student productions or assist official school productions or orchestras. Conductors often begin as musicians themselves and work their way up to conducting after experience working with various orchestras, professional conductors, performers, and musicians. Those starting out may want to strengthen their skills by taking classes or workshops in conducting, group psychology, and music theory. Assisting positions and sitting in on rehearsals are wonderful ways to begin understanding how and what conductors do.

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