Box Office Treasurer / Manager
The BOX OFFICE TREASURER oversees sales and accounting for ticket sales, as well as being the point person for customer service. They are responsible for the box office staff and making sure that all the tickets sold are recorded and paid. They typically send a report with all ticket sales documentation at the end of each business day.


Concessions/Merchandise Seller
A CONCESSIONS SELLER sells available snacks food, and drinks to the patrons, while a MERCHANDISE SELLER sells available show branded clothing, water bottles, keychains, books, recordings, etc.


House Manager
A HOUSE MANAGER is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the theatre from prepping the house to overseeing the Front of House Staff. HOUSE MANAGERS are the liaison between the COMPANY MANAGER, the production staff, and the THEATRE OWNERS. They also deal with and serve as the point person for audiences. They are present to ensure the audiences enjoy themselves and leave the theatre safely.


Ticket Seller
A TICKET SELLER provides theatregoers with expert and personalized customer service during ticket purchasing transactions.


The USHER works in a theatre to provide customer service for audience members taking their tickets and escorting them to their seats in the theatre.