Box Office Treasurer / Manager

What does a Box Office Treasurer / Manager do?

What does a Box Office Treasurer / Manager do?

The BOX OFFICE TREASURER oversees sales and accounting for ticket sales, as well as being the point person for customer service. They are responsible for the box office staff and making sure that all the tickets sold are recorded and paid. They typically send a report with all ticket sales documentation at the end of each business day, as well as weekly reports, reconciliations, and commission disbursements. While box office positions on Broadway are referred to as treasurers, usually outside Broadway these positions are referenced as box office managers or coordinators.

**Note: Box Office Treasurers are different from the role of ACCOUNTANTS as box office treasurers are in charge of a theatre’s box office money and accountants oversee money for an entire organization/production.


Accounting | Budgeting | Reconciling Receipts | Customer Service | Detail-oriented | Audience Management | Strong written and verbal communication skills | Experience with Excel, Word, and one or more of the various theatrical ticketing systems (Ticketmaster-Host and Archtics, Telecharge, and Tessitura) | Sales | Audience Services


Front of House Experience (Usher, Line Attendant, Box Office, House Management, etc.) | Background in finance | General Management for Theatre | Apprenticeship

How to become a Box Office Treasurer

How to become a Box Office Treasurer

Box Office Treasurers usually begin working in the theatre as ushers, ticket sellers, and house attendants. Once in a theatre, there may be a chance to eventually work one’s way up to Manager or Treasurer. Front of House careers can be full-time or part-time jobs, as hours depend heavily on the role in the theatre. They can also be salaried at a not-for-profit company or hired for the run of a show. Those just starting out may want to volunteer at their local/regional theaters as ticket sellers or on-call front of house team members.

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