Ticket Seller

What does a Ticket Seller do?

What does a Ticket Seller do?

A TICKET SELLER of Broadway provides theatergoers with expert and personalized customer service during ticket purchasing transactions. TICKET SELLERS play an integral role in the millions of Broadway tickets sold annually. Box office staff, including the TICKET SELLERS/BOX OFFICE TREASURERS, are employees of the theatre.


Customer service | Ability to multi-task | Marketing


Volunteer-based opportunities | Interest in Theatre

How to Become a Ticket Seller

Though many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in theatre administration or business, universities do not traditionally have concentrations focused on ticket selling. Broadway ticket sellers often begin working in the box office of their schools or regional theatres.

Union/Professional Organization Affiliations

Note: Ticket sellers are called Box Office Managers/Treasurers on Broadway. To be a Box Office Manager/Treasurer, one needs to be part of the union.