Artistic Director
An ARTISTIC DIRECTOR is an executive of a theatre organization who is responsible for the overarching artistic vision of the organization.


Casting Director
A CASTING DIRECTOR coordinates and runs the process by which the director and other key members of the creative team audition actors and assign roles.
Company Manager
A COMPANY MANAGER takes care of the logistical needs of a production or company, such as managing and delivering payroll to the cast and crew, being the policy enforcer, and serving as the primary point of contact between the company (which includes the cast, creative, and administrative teams) and the GENERAL MANAGER.


General Manager
A GENERAL MANAGER, also referred to as a GM, is hired to help strategize and plan the details of a production to make sure cost and schedules are kept in line and supports the PRODUCER’S vision. GMs supervise the show’s financial planning; oversee administrative operations, employee management/human resources, and labor relations; and negotiate contracts. There are GENERAL MANAGERS specifically for productions as well as GENERAL MANAGERS for venues.


Music Contractor
The MUSIC CONTRACTOR, sometimes referred to as the musical coordinator, is responsible for finding the musicians for a musical or play.


Talent Manager
A TALENT MANAGER is in charge of helping actors, directors, playwrights, and musicians organize and advance their careers.
Talent/Literary Agent
TALENT/LITERARY AGENTS are responsible for booking or finding jobs for actors, choreographers, directors, musicians, and other performers.