Fight Captain

What does a Fight Captain do?

What does a Fight Captain do?

A FIGHT CAPTAIN maintains the intention and safety of the fight choreography for a show. FIGHT CAPTAINS conduct fight calls, where they oversee a rehearsal for the ACTORS to go through their fight choreography (first at half-speed and then at full speed) before each show. Fight choreography can be anything from a fake slap to a hair pull to the use of weapons/props. Most FIGHT CAPTAINS on Broadway productions are in the ensemble and/or are a swing or understudy.


Attention to detail | Collaboration | Understanding and experience with choreography and fight safety


Assisting | Training in fight choreography

How to become a Fight Captain

How to become a Fight Captain

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in performance; however, the closest thing to learning how to be a fight captain in college is most likely a stage combat class. Those hoping to be a fight captain on Broadway should take advantage of workshops, courses, and assisting positions available at their university or a regional theatre.

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