Aerial Choreographer
An AERIAL CHOREOGRAPHER is in charge of creating, directing, and ensuring the safety of ACTORS who leave the ground during a performance.


A CHOREOGRAPHER designs and directs the performers’ dance and complex movement portion of the show.


Dance Arranger
A DANCE ARRANGER works with the ORCHESTRATOR and the CHOREOGRAPHER to help arrange the music for a production’s dance breaks, sequences, and numbers.


Fight Director
A FIGHT DIRECTOR is someone who directs, stages, and choreographs the fight sequences of a production.


Intimacy Coordinator
An INTIMACY COORDINATOR is a trained professional who advocates for what is best for a scene and what is best for the ACTORS in the case of an intimate scene (which can be anything from a kiss, a romantic grab, or simulated sex).


Movement Coach
A MOVEMENT COACH works with performers, dancers and actors to enhance storytelling through physicality and dance.


Teaching Artist
A TEACHING ARTIST is a professional artist who has a dual career in education.