What does a Playwright do?

What does a Playwright do?

A PLAYWRIGHT is the person who writes the script or play that becomes the show. PLAYWRIGHTS decide the play’s purpose and plot structure. They help provide a blueprint for the ACTORS and creative team to work from as they develop a show.


Strong written skills | Proof-reading | Ability to talk about one’s own work | Collaboration | Ability to receive feedback


Degree in playwriting, screenwriting, and/or creative writing | Fellowships | Apprenticeships | Submitting to Festivals

How to become a Playwright

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in creative writing of some kind, as well as opportunities to mount student written work. Broadway playwrights often write many plays before they have one produced on Broadway. Those just starting out may want to work with peers and submit their work to festivals or writer’s showcases.’s “Building Broadway: SIGNIFICANT OTHER Playwright Joshua Harmon”

TEDx Talks “Playwright: Kristoffer Diaz at TEDxBroadway”