What does an Orchestrator do?

What does an Orchestrator do?

The ORCHESTRATOR works with the COMPOSER to bring the score to life and plans for the specific musical needs of a production. They determine how many MUSICIANS will play how many instruments, what those instruments will be, and what notes each of the instruments will play.


Ability to read music | Ability to translate music cross-instruments | Attention to Detail | Discipline


Degree in music performance and/or music theory

How to become an Orchestrator

Today, many arts programs offer music composition concentrations. However, orchestrators hoping to be on Broadway can begin their journey through a variety of different pathways. While earning a BFA in Music Composition is a great first step, those wishing to be Broadway orchestrators can also learn individually, from working with orchestrators, or from peers. Orchestrators need to not only be able to compose music, but understand how to transcribe, teach, and play a variety of instruments. It is important to have a clear and dedicated practice as an orchestrator.

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