Vocal Arranger

What does a Vocal Arranger do?

What does a Vocal Arranger do?

The VOCAL ARRANGER works with the actors to bring a story’s music to life. They build the drama and story of a production through harmony and arrangement of the music.


Knowledge of music theory | Attention to detail | Patience | Extreme focus


Degree in music theory | Assisting music professionals | Instrument trained

How to become a Vocal Arranger

Many colleges and universities offer degrees and concentrations in music theory, as well as opportunities to work on school or student-led productions. Broadway vocal arrangers often begin as performers or musicians themselves, transitioning to the arranger role as they gain experience working with other vocal arrangers, music directors, and performers. Those just starting out may want to explore available classes, auditions, amateur productions, and volunteer opportunities available in their region for training and experience.

Union/Professional Organization Affiliations
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